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Take Control of Prompto’s Camera – The Rest of Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Holiday Update’ Detailed

written by Jason Marcano January 19, 2017
Final Fantasy XV Meteor

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Square Enix gave all owners of Final Fantasy XV something over the holidays. On January 24th, those who paid for the season pass, or didn’t, will be given even more. Thanks to a translation by Siliconera of an update from the Japanese Square Enix page, we now know what else is coming in the “Holiday Pack” we received in 2016.

Final Fantasy XV Carnival

First up, for those without the season pass, here is what you can expect if you boot up the game on January 24th.

  • Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
  • Mog Choco T-Shirt costume (Noctis-exclusive)
  • Photo frame “Holiday Pack (Free Version) Limited Version”

It’s nice to know that everyone will have access to the, as of yet, mysterious “Mog Chocobo Carnival”. Is it Final Fantasy XV‘s answer to the Golden Saucer? What exciting mini-games and distractions await Noctis and the gang? At the very least, I’ll be logging in some hours as I explore the new space.

Season Pass Holders

For those that shelled out the Gil for the season pass, you’ll be treated to this on top of the complementary dishes.

  • Mog Chocobo Carnival commences
  • Carnival Style costume (Noctis-exclusive)
  • Photo frames “Holiday Pack + Limited Version”

The notable difference here is being able to dress Noctis in an entire outfit.

Final Fantasy XV Noctis Sombrero

Take Control of Prompto’s Camera

The translation doesn’t indicate whether or not the next feature is available to everyone who plays the game, but it’s nonetheless a game changer. On January 24th you will be able to take control of Prompto’s camera and take your very own photo journal of the journey through Eos. The “self-photography function” will allow you to take pictures at any point of the game with the exception of during a battle.

That about rounds out the Holiday Update for Final Fantasy XV. Are any of you geeks looking forward to getting your hands on Prompto’s camera? What do you hope to see in the Mog Chocobo Carnival? Let us know in the comments below!

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