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Coocheer 7500mAh Waterproof Portable Battery Charger Sponsored REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 23, 2015


I go through a lot of juice on my phones and gadgets. I actually can’t think of anything that is worse than running out of battery. I am lucky enough to have quite a few portable batteries to carry around to keep this from happening. I recently got my hands on the Coocheer 7500mAh Waterproof battery and have been really enjoying the durability of it. The build quality of the battery is noticeable right out of the box. Very tough. This battery is not light but it is not mean to be.¬†With a rating of IP-65 the Bolt can easily survive a drop in the mud, sand, dirt or water. I have not submerged mine but have taken it around in the backpack as well as out to some testing in the park with splashes and dirt and still powering everything just fine.

  • Quick Charge: Mobile Power Dual USB output and 2.1A quick charge. High input design, use a 2.1A adapter for fastest charging time, twice as fast than 1A input.With the least amount of time fully charging your device.

There is also a built-in flash light that has come in handy more than once. For $21.99 for Amazon Prime members this battery is a great buy for the price. Hit the link below to grab yours now.

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