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Coocheer Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review!

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. June 5, 2016
coocheer headphones

I’m going to start off by being very honest with you geeks, I’ve always been a headphone gal rather than an earbuds gal. The few times I’ve tried various earbuds, they never felt comfortable. Earbuds often felt cumbersome and awkward, they would fall out of my ears randomly and they just never seemed “right”. The audio experience was never really a pleasurable one either in comparison to regular, old fashioned headphones to me. This week opened my eyes to a whole new world of ear magic.

coocheer headphones

I’ve been able to review a pair of wireless Bluetooth style earbuds from Coocheer over the last week, and I’m excited to bring you the details. If you’re a sucker for a good pair of earbuds, or maybe you’re just on the hunt for a new pair, read on!

Syncing these earbuds up to the Droid Turbo I used worked seamlessly, though the directions in the users manual were very basic. If someone had no previous experience with Bluetooth products it might take a minute or two to figure it all out on their own. I’ll admit, I initially needed some assistance from my far more tech-savvy husband because this was my first experience with Bluetooth. Once he showed me how the wonderful world of Bluetooth technology worked, I was blown away by the ease and convenience. Hello modern technology, it’s nice to finally meet you!

coocheer headphones

The sound quality when listening to music was very clear, there was no static or crackling noise. I did experiment with different genres of music to get a feel for what the earbuds could handle. They stood up pretty well to everything from oldies to classic rock, and yes, they did Freddie Mercury justice and that is the true test of any audio technology. The volume controls worked very well and are situated on the outside of the right ear so it’s easy and quick to adjust. When listening to music, or watching videos on YouTube, I found it to be an really enjoyable experience.

With incoming calls it’s easy to answer the phone with the press of a button. The sound quality through the earbuds was clear, though the phone calls weren’t as clear as the music, which is to be expected with various areas of service on cellphones. I tested the sound quality as the caller as well, and the quality of a Bluetooth call wasn’t as clear as just a regular phone call. The phone call quality on both ends was perfectly understandable though, and there were no breaks or cracks in the sound.

coocheer headphones

The headphones feel very light and comfortable and don’t cause any irritation or pain in my ears or around the back of my neck. That was a huge plus for me, because usually any type of earbud style headphones absolutely kill my ears. I also really love the design of these because unlike the usual wired earbuds, these have the headphone piece that wraps around the back of your neck and helps to hold them in place. Not once did I lose an earbud! The earbuds came with two additional sets of ear cushions so you have the option of small, medium or large sizes.

I left these headphones charging with the included USB cable while I ran some errands throughout the day for approximately four hours. This left enough charge for me to make three separate phone calls that lasted about 15 minutes each, and run music off and on for a total of about four and a half hours. I’m really impressed with the battery life on these little guys. I’ve never used wireless headphones before, and I would have expected them to die within an hour or two of use, and I was glad to be wrong in this case.

coocheer headphones

One thing that was a little disappointing, was when I went to unplug the USB charger from the headphones it was stuck in there pretty tight, I gave it a gentle wiggle and pulled and it actually split the side of the plastic. I was able to snap it back together and it didn’t have any effect on the sound quality, but for budget headphones, I can’t really complain about the quality of the materials used.

All in all I would recommend these to anyone looking for an affordable pair of Bluetooth headphones, or maybe a spare set to keep in the car. You really can’t beat the price with these bad boys coming in just under $12 on Amazon, and the sound quality is great. The best part about them to me is the comfort level on my ears. It’s so rare for me to be able to find a pair of earbud style headphones that don’t hurt the inside of my ears. You can pick up these headphones on Amazon with the link below or directly from the link here.

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