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Cool Gizmos from CES 2015 – Alienware 15

written by April Carvelli January 8, 2015


If you are like me you have drooled over Alienware for a long time. The problem has always been that you really needed to use the money elsewhere and you just limped along on whatever computer system you could afford.alienware2

Up until now, Dell Alienware hasn’t been the smallest gaming rigs, but they have always managed to pack a wallop. Their newest Alienware 15 follows their normal path weighing in around 7 lbs, believe it or not this is the lightest 15” notebook they have ever produced. It is also the thinnest they have made at 1.3”. The casing is aluminum with “carbon-fiber-filled materials”, which means that the unit is pretty sturdy and can take a little bit of abuse.


Now we move on to what makes Alienware superior to other machines, the guts. You have a choice between an AMD Radeon and a Nvidia GeForce GPUs each paired with a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. You can also upgrade it to have up to 16GB of RAM.

The standard storage on the Alienware 15 is a 1TB 5,400 RPM HD, so you might want to upgrade that instead of the monitor. The monitor can be upgraded to a 4K display; however it’s not really recommended for heavy gaming as even full desktop rigs have trouble maintaining the frame rate. With a rig like this battery life is around 7 hours, so make sure you are near an outlet.

One exciting addition is the Alienware Graphic Amplifier port which you can add-on for an additional $200, which allows you to pair your laptop with a desktop GPU, giving you a much stronger gaming rig.

Being Alienware you also expect to have the showy, fancy bits and they are not going to disappoint you. There are 10 programmable lighting zones that let you change colors as you wish.

The new Alienware 15 is currently available starting at $1,199.




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