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Cougar 450K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard REVIEW

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 25, 2016

PC gamers are constantly updating their rigs and set ups and that cost can add up quickly. A comfortable mouse, an accessible keyboard, power supplies – all of these elements combine to make a gamer’s haven truly theirs. I had the pleasure of reviewing Cougar’s 550M Gaming Mouse last month so when I saw that familiar logo once more, I was more than ready to dive into another review for this amazing company.

Cougar has a variety of gaming accessories to choose from at varying price points and one of those accessories, and the one I am reviewing today, is the 450K Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.



Customization, user comfort, tactile feedback, and durability are all what make the 450K an awesome addition to any set up for its price, which retails at $59.99. The keyboard itself is light-weight and decently sized. The raised keys and tactile feedback that the keyboard provides the user makes it one of the most well-designed accessories of its class. Finger strain is reduced to a minimum with the key placement as well as the overall framework of the keyboard itself.


If you followed my last review, you’d know that I am a sucker for anything with customization. I adore anything that makes the accessories I am using for my rig MINE. The 450K utilizes the familiar Cougar UIX system to alternate between 3 primary options of colours (red, green, and yellow) as well as a cycling mode to shift between the three seamlessly. The UIX (shown below) also allows for remapping and configuration for the keyboard in order to optimize the user’s ideal gaming profile.


Some noteworthy features that the 450K keyboard has to offer:

  • Fully mechanized gaming keyboard providing appropriate tactical feedback
  • On-board memory that can house up to 3 full configuration profiles
  • Three modes of colour customization
  • Splash-proof design perfect for those late night energy drink binges
  • Anti-ghosting allows players to press multiple keys at once and still have an accurate response (WASD, directional keys, etc)
  • 1000 HZ polling rate provides a 1ms response rate
  • Free access to the Cougar UIX System to fully customize your experience
  • Shortcut key capability, as well as 10 additional programmable options
  • “On-the-fly” mode switch allowing a smooth transition between configured profiles


It’s important to note that this keyboard is priced on the lower end of the gaming accessory scale so it’s vital to have realistic expectations when looking at this model. To purchase a $59.99 keyboard, you can’t expect the same quality and customization of a $300 accessory. For this price point, it is a fantastic keyboard. My only drawback with this particular model is that I wish the backlight for the keys had a brighter contrast. The cycling of the three colours is an awesome feature but the light is so dim that I feel it takes away from the level of personalization.

Over-all the keyboard is comfortable to use, it’s light-weight without compromising its durability, it’s personable, and it is – most importantly – affordable. The 450K Cougar Gaming Keyboard works well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

My Red Knight from Dark Souls teaming up with Cougar to help me pwn.

You can find more information about this mechanical keyboard at the official Cougar gaming website. And if you liked our review on the 550M gaming mouse, it is available for a special price over at Amazon:


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