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Cougar 450M Gaming Mouse Review

written by ericafett April 21, 2016
Cougar 450M Gaming Mouse

Cougar 450M Gaming Mouse
With ESports gaming on the rise, the race to make the best and most aesthetically pleasing products persists, but that’s not only the case with ESports games, adventure-themed PC gaming is also on the rise, with games like Garry’s Mod download springing up everywhere. More gamers are not only on the search to make their systems premier, but have systems that look as great as they perform. Cougar is a brand from Germany that joined the gaming community and seems to be a promising contender in the PC gaming world. Cougar has plenty of products ranging in power supplies to stylish gaming mice. The Cougar 450M, in theory, is a great mouse for the casual or even beginning gamer. There’s nothing insanely bad about the Cougar 450M, but there’s not necessarily anything outstanding about it either.

The flaws on this mouse are minor and simply stylistic. The sleek design of this product gives me the compulsive need to wipe away smudges or fingerprints. With the competition primarily using a matte design, it may validate why that is a key design.

Another flaw in the appearance of the Cougar 450M would be the accenting of color. With so many companies turning to a primarily black design allowing the consumer to use UI to completely personalize the products, accenting a color is a risky move. Gamers are now focusing more on the appearance of their systems, more to their own personal gaming scheme and this accenting on the Cougar 450M could cause that scheme-focused demographic to pass.

Aside from the minor negatives, the Cougar 450M really doesn’t lack in performance. The 5,000 DPI make the sensor adequate for gaming and the movement is rather fluid. The Cougar 450M is ambidextrous and also allows gamers to program 8 buttons. The Cougar 450M comes in two colors white and black, both with a green accent. Aside from the two standard colors, the Cougar 450M also corresponds with a downloadable UI that allows 16.8 million colors for gaming needs.

Cougar 450M Gaming mouse

The best aspect of the Cougar 450M is undoubtedly the price point. In direct competition with Razer’s DeathAdder Chroma, the Cougar 450M is a steal at an estimated MSRP of $49.99 compared to the DeathAdder Chroma MSRP of $69.99.

While the Cougar 450M boasts its stats on the box, it does not have the wow factor. It rivals many of its competitors, but lands as only being average in the gaming mouse market. The price does make up for that though, since it comes in at a fraction of most of the competitors, making it suitable for a beginning or even casual gamer.

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