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Could You Spend a Month in Virtual Reality?

written by kimmyink90 December 1, 2014


An artist by the name of Mark Farid has created a project called Seeing I. This project is currently running a crowdfunding campaign and if it succeeds, Farid will spend 28 days next year in a gallery living his life in virtual reality.

Farid plans on doing this by wearing a VR headset along with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Everything he experiences will be that of a complete stranger living their daily life — through audio and video. When the stranger eats, he will eat, and when they sleep, he will sleep. Essentially, he will lose his identity for that time frame and live in the life of that complete stranger.

I can imagine this being uncomfortable for a time. Imagine this going on for days on end, so why would he choose to do this? Farid says,

“It’s to see if who we are is an individual identity, or if there is just a cultural identity that kind of takes us on… I’ve grown up in the city my whole life. So everything that I’ve seen — the square gardens that we have, the tree that’s planted in that specific place, the way the wind travels down the road … all of that is artificially created… Every experience that we’re having is synthetic.”

Definitely a cool project, especially if you want to know what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes. To think that he will be living his life sharing the same memories as someone else is kind of cool if you ask me. For many, it would be extremely hard to complete what Mark Farid is attempting, I’m sure people could live 28 days in VR if they could have the use of vr live cams – vrcams.io for adult virtual reality experiences.

What do you think geeks? Do you think you could live about a month in virtual reality as someone else? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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