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Couple caught mid coitus during Batman V Superman fined.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 7, 2016
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition - Trailer

Batman standing in new armor

A couple of cheeky hornballs across the pond got so worked up watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that they went to town on each other, getting caught and causing quite the scene.

The couple, Anne Amberley and Leam Thornorough, waited until the action got intense during the movie and then proceeded to start their own off screen action. Amberley was seen popping up and down on Thornorough before the two of them just engaged in full on sex in the seats before security was brought in. Security tried to disengage the duo but wound up with a fight on their hands. This in turn ended up causing the sexed up pair to be held over for 24 hours before being released to the unwitting public.

The couple appeared in court and had to pay a fine of £105 for their lewd behavior. They felt that because they had no place at home to do their business, it was a perfectly acceptable and reasonable thing to do. The magistrate however was unimpressed with them and cited they were very lucky there were no young Batman V Superman fans in the theater. As it stands, only six folks were subjected to the display of gross indecency.

Okay geeks, have you ever been in a movie where you caught someone doing more than watching the flick? I have. I was a row up from a couple getting very hands on during Monster House of all films. What about getting busy? Have you just been so caught up, you and your paramour decided to chance it? Tell us, we won’t judge!

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