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Cracker Jack: The Death of Childhood

written by Branden H April 23, 2016
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Today my childhood died. Heavy, I know. I’ve watched it die slowly when my daughter asks me what is a Walkman, or when Toonami went off the air, and even when Twinkies almost died. It’s been a hard road but today, today the final nail was driven in. Today, Cracker Jack no longer has a prize.

In a post on Facebook today PepsiCo-Frito Lay announced that there were changes to the wonderful idea that was Cracker Jack. I have no words, so I’ll let them say it.

As baseball season gets into full swing, enjoy the Cracker Jack popcorn’s new Prize Inside sticker that offers baseball-inspired mobile digital experiences scanned directly on your handheld device.

Here is a sample:

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Gone is the instant gratification of finding a cheap decoder ring or a temporary tattoo. Children will not know the joy of sifting through ┬áthe sweet treat to find it. Worse they won’t even get to have a box! What have you done PepsiCo-Frito Lay?

Cracker Jack changes it's look to a bag

The “new” look of cracker jack

As our world increasingly moves towards the digital experience things like Cracker Jack were awesome to have around. It’s rare to get a box of cereal these days that had a toy but I could at least rely on Cracker Jack for a cheap prize.

So let us have a moment of silence for anyone over the age of twenty five. Your childhood is dead.

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Gizmodo, Facebook

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