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Cuphead beaten by speedrunner PeekingBoo using DDR Dance Pads

written by Alex Lopez October 8, 2017

Ok folks, I know this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. I recently wrote a review for Cuphead, a 1930’s cartoon style boss run game. In the review, I spoke about how difficult the game is. Many others have spoken about how hard the game is as well. However, speedrunner PeekingBoo decided to up the difficulty factor by beating the game with DDR Dance Pads. In the process, he made us all look like losers.

For those who don’t know, PeekingBoo is a speedrunner who has set quite a few records with his speed runs. While impressive, he prides himself on beating games using the previously mentioned Dance Pads. He uses a PC connected to a DDR arcade machine and programs the pads to correspond with a certain game’s button inputs. I’m not going to lie, that is a pretty impressive set up. However, that’s not the only impressive part of this story.

PeekingBoo said that he decided to take on this challenge to see just how hard Cuphead really is. “I aimed to shed some light on the argument to see whether or not  the game lived up to the hype by seeing if I could beat it casually with Dance Pads,” said PeekingBoo. He completed his run in 1:24:40 and is currently sitting at number 16 in the speedrunning rankings for the game. That’s awesome considering he is only using DDR Dance Pads and not a keyboard/mouse or controller. However, this is not his first time. His Twitch channel is full of speed runs using only the Dance Pads, included the Cuphead run. Of course, this isn’t the last of these runs. Who knows what he will speed run next.

Sounds off, geeks! What do you all think of this speed run and would you try it?

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