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Heroes Vs. Aliens! The 4-Part CW Crossover Event’s First Promo

written by Eric Leung November 17, 2016
CW Crossover Event Poster

CW Crossover Event Poster

A promo for the first episode of CW’s latest, largest DC Extended Universe crossover event debuted this week! Starting with the CW’s latest acquisition in its “Arrowverse” franchise, Supergirl. The crossover is set to air Monday, November 28th. The event will continue for the remainder of the week, taking up the 8/7 Central time slot through Thursday night.

Titled Invasion, or Heroes Vs. Aliens, the event revolves around a species called “The Dominators”.  The crossover brings together all of CW’s Arrowverse shows: Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, iZombie‘s Liv Moore won’t be in attendance, being a DC Vertigo character.

This is the fifth of DC’s Extended Universe crossovers. It comes as little surprise after Arrow scored hit ratings and critical acclaim. Since Arrow‘s success, the CW has been collecting DC rights including the character Constantine after the short lived NBC show was cancelled. After a successful fan campaign, CW brought him into the Arrowverse as a guest appearance. After the wildly successful crossover between Flash and Supergirl, CW acquired Supergirl from CBS. Now the channel’s DCEU takes up four prime slots on the channel per week.

This crossover event also marks a huge milestone for Arrow. The third episode in the crossover, Invasion, will be Arrow‘s 100th episode, celebrating five years of unbridled success from the show. Check out the trailer for the crossover event below geeks! Let us know if you’re ready to see this epic mash-up in the comments below.


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