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CW Shares First Visual of Jay Garrick for The Flash

written by J Martell August 13, 2015

flashoftwoworldsThe CW is really ramping up the hype machine for the upcoming second season of The Flash.

The newest release comes from the CW’s official The Flash twitter account (), showing us an artist rendition comparing the “Flash of Two Worlds” cover from 1961 with the TV series’ version. The TV show version shows Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen running to save a damsel in distress, with Teddy Sears (American Horror Story, 666 Park Avenue) running on the right toward the same damsel as Jay Garrick.

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Jay Garrick, for those not tuned into DC Comics lore, is the original Flash from Earth “2”. Garrick first hit comics in 1940 as a speedster wearing a helmet resembling that worn by Hermes/Mercury (greek/roman messenger god), a full 16 years before Barry Allen took over the Flash persona in a parallel world (Earth 1).

For more Flash-Facts, you’ll have to tune in when The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 6th. Until then, check out the below trailer for Season 2, and tell us: Are you pumped for this Season? Or, is it coming in a bit slow for you?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3tnEM9K4TU]

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