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CW’s DC Crossover Sets Record Ratings!

written by Eric Leung December 4, 2016

Picture of all of the DC show characters

Over the last week, the CW aired it’s latest, biggest,  DC Crossover Event, bringing together all of the CW’s hero shows. Looking over the ratings, it was a huge success!

Every show reported a spike in ratings. This comes after the ‘test’ in season 1 of Supergirl which brought in Barry Allen aka ‘The Flash” proved that Supergirl fit in with the CW’s superhero crowd. Now, proving the move was a huge success, Supergirl raked in a season high of 3.5 million viewers Monday night.

The Flash, currently the network’s most popular DC show, brought in a whopping 4.15 million viewers. While this doesn’t mark a high for the series, it was just about what the ratings were at last year’s crossover. Aside from its pilot, the show has managed a high of 4.66 million viewers in its first season, upon the appearance of the infamous ‘Reverse Flash’.

Arrow, on the other hand, has been struggling to maintain its viewership this season. The show is starting to show its age, with ‘Invasion!’ marking its 100th episode. Up until this episode, which saw 3.5 million viewers, Arrow has been struggling to break 2 million. This crossover, proving Greg Berlanti’s grand success, saw Arrow had an 84% increase in viewership, the highest spike for the special so far reported.

Legends of Tomorrow brought the event to a close with a series high of 3.33 million, shattering its usual viewership. That’s an over 80% increase from last week.

The crossover has gained special praise from critics, which generally consider The Flash‘s episode the best. It all comes in to prove that the CW’s hit upon a rare gem. Their DC shows take up primetime slots four nights a week, and they bring in impressive numbers.

What do y’all think about the crossover? Did you love it? Did you hate it? If maybe you’d only been watching one or two of the shows, has it encouraged you to try the others? Is the CW’s DC Extended Universe a success? Let us know!

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