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Dad Wears Pikachu Tie To Sons’ High School Graduation

written by Quinzel Lee June 10, 2017
Ash and Pikachu together.

Grab your tissues and prepare for feels, because you won’t be ready for the feels this is going to produce. Who knew Pikachu could provoke such emotion? Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re wanting to be the best geek dad, the best there ever was, stay tuned.

Dylan Olivo is an 18-year-old from Austin, Texas. He graduated from high school this past May and his father was ecstatic for this day.

Remember those silly crafts you made in art class in elementary school? Do you think your parents may have tossed the heart-shaped clay pot or “misplaced” your paper woven mat? Well, Dylan made something in the first grade that he assumed would be long gone. For Father’s Day, he made his dad a Pokémon necktie that he drew himself. Que the “aww” track.

11 years later, Dylan’s dad Robert showed up to his graduation in the best way, by wearing the Pokémon necktie that his son made him in the first grade. What an awesome dad! And might I say, the tie looks quite spiffy on him.

dad standing next to son at high school graduation, wearing handmade pikachu tie
“He wore the tie to show he had it and to reflect that I am officially a high school student and not the child I was when I made the tie,” Dylan said. “I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it.”

Seriously, I’m not crying. Some ninja turtles just broke in and chopped up a bunch of onions. *sniff*

Dylan shared with the Twitter-verse what his dad had done. And Twitter users were not without joy.

What do you guys think? It is endearing that Dylan’s father embraced his son’s geekiness from 11 years ago? Do you think it was a cool thing for him to show up to his high school graduation dressed that way? Sound off in the comments below.

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