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Daredevil and the fickle nature of popularity.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 9, 2016

I’m not going to lie, I like Daredevil but it took me a long time to get into the character. It just seems weird to have a blind hero in a world full of super soldiers, Avengers, mutants and galaxy spanning beings. The mere fact that he has stuck around this long attests to the strength of loyalty from the most die hard fans.

It's Daredevil

In that world of superheroes, how does one such as Daredevil continue to draw in readers month in and month out? Let alone inspire one of the best shows on Netflix? I think one reason is it comes down to how he’s more relateable than most of Marvel’s stable. Sure a lot of us can understand being hated like the X-Men but even so, they have powers normal humans don’t. Ole hornhead has heightened senses, yes the childhood accident helped, but he worked his rump off to become a highly skilled vigilante. He’s a darker Dark Knight in essence.

It's Daredevil

That’s what drew me in eventually. I love Batman but he has rules man. Daredevil is a grittier hero and hasn’t shied away from danger or going dark to save Hell’s Kitchen. While Bruce Wayne may be a billionaire playboy and have a global business to “run”, Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day. He takes on the cases that others write off, the ones that need him. His built in “lie detector” guides him to the truly innocent. Bruce has a good heart as does Matt, the difference is Matt works in the trenches for his day job. The more alike we try to make them, the further apart they seem.

Daredevil has had the benefit of excellent writing over the years, writing that has given us arcs like “The Man Without Fear”. But for every good writing span, sadly DD has also seen some less than stellar work. Plus no one can forget the Ben Affleck starring movie that many hated. I appreciated it for finally bringing the red suited punching bag to the silver screen but even I have to say it didn’t do him justice. Knowing that, it’s all the more impressive for a character with no super powers to last this long and build up such a passionate fan base.

It's Daredevil

I can only speak for me but I feel that the increased popularity of Daredevil also comes down to the commitment that Marvel has put behind him. They’ve kept him alive, more or less, in the comics even during his lowest of times. Even when the only readers they could get were the die hard fans. They kept him going and kept him running so that people eventually had to notice. Notice they did.

Since that they’ve seen an explosion in his popularity from the amazing Netflix series, seriously how good is that show? Season one was insane with the build up between him and Fisk and him building up to the hero Hell’s Kitchen didn’t know it needed. Then season two with Punisher and Elektra? Come on geeks, it really doesn’t get better than that. Soon he’ll be in the Defenders with the rest of the New York misfits. I can’t wait!

It's Daredevil punisher and Elektra

Now that I’ve gone on and on about Daredevil, what do you geeks think? Most of you are pretty amped for his awesome sauce binge worthy show but how many came from the comics? How many only showed due to the crazy amount of hype for the show? I’d love to hear your take on it. Take a moment to hit up the comments section and leave a little something behind.

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