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Dark Sky now available for Android

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 12, 2016

It is about damn time…Yes that’s right Dark Sky (one of the top weather app for Apple users) has finally hit the Google Play Store. When using my iPhone I adore Dark Sky and immediately jumped on board with my Android devices.


Dark Sky is known for its notifications letting you know down to exacts on when weather is starting and stopping. You get alerts like down to the minute like “Rain starting in 10 minutes”. I find these kinds of notifications way more useful than checking the weather in the morning or throughout the day. I get the alert and know that I might want to head back from a jog or get ready to find a place to duck inside for a bit.

Although a free app you are going to want to pay for the subscription. As someone who purchased the app on iOS for one time $3.99 I was surprised how they went about the Android version with a $2.99/year subscription. With the sub you get quite a bit more features compared to the standalone free app like to-the-minute notifications, daily summaries, and of course now that it is on Android…WIDGETS (see below)!

If you are one of those people who prefers free apps, you do get a free two-week trial to see if the paid version is for you.


As one of the best looking and most useful weather applications on the market I would highly recommend checking out Dark Sky now on Android. Link below.

Dark Sky (Free, $3/yr premium)

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