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Darth Vader Campaigning in Canadian Politics; “Together We Can Rule The Galaxy”

written by J Martell August 17, 2015


Canadians and Americans both are gearing up for upcoming federal elections (Canada in October 2015 and United States in November 2016), but it’s a certain Sith Lord  campaigning in Ontario that is getting some interest today!


Campaigning with the “Your Galactic Empire” (YGE) party, Darth Vader is putting up election signs in the town of Midland, Ontario. As seen in the above image from Reddit user “massivecoller”, Vader is running on the promise that “Together, we can rule the galaxy.”

It is unknown at this time if the YGE party aligns itself more with Liberals or Conservatives (or if it’s a Democrat vs. Republican distinction) but it is likely that if its primary tenant is galactic rule then they are most likely for higher taxes and lower resistance to total compliance. Hopefully, one of Vader’s revealed campaign promises will be to reduce telekinetic choking incidents and support better designs of lunar-sized military installations.


This is hardly the first instance of an unexpected addition to Canadian politics this summer, as last week saw a new candidate joining Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in Montreal. This candidate might even rival Trudeau’s famous high-quality hairstyle / facial hair combos over the years. (Photo-work provided/created by Nique Yager)


I guess we’ll need to see what the Canadian elections bring in October, and whether these new candidates can bring some real change to their communities. Fingers crossed everyone! Hell, if they do well, maybe they can make the move south in time for the American elections and do the same there!

On an unrelated note, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters on December 18, 2015. You Can check out the film’s official teaser trailer below! While you’re at it, tell us: Will you voting for the “Your Galactic Empire” party in your upcoming elections, or do the other parties speak more to your values?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCc2v7izk8w]

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