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Darwin Project – PUBG meets Hunger Games

written by Steffie January 22, 2018
Scavengers Studios presents Darwin Project. New battle royale game

Fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds saw the release of the open beta for the new game, Darwin Project.

Taking inspiration from The Hunger Games franchise and other battle royale games. Scavengers StudiosDarwin Project is set in the post-apocalyptic landscape of Nothern Canadian Rockies. Competitors are thrust into an arena that is, part science experiment, part live entertainment.

The arena is split up into sectors that can be randomly closed by a computer. If you’re still in the sector when it closes you will lose health, so run! Players must craft weapons, make traps, track opponents to survive. But that’s not all… given the horrific weather conditions, players can freeze to death unless they build fires to keep warm.

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What makes this game different to the rest?

Darwin Project is fully integrated into mixer.com. During each match, one player can take to the skies to monitor the battle and punish or support any fighter they want. A ‘Live Spectator Interaction’ feature has been created to work with mixers interactive panels. Viewers can choose their favorite to look after, punish others by revealing their location and where nuclear bombs should be released. All of this makes a viewer feel like part of the game.

Who are Scavengers Studio?

Based in Montreal, Canada and established in 2015, Scavengers are a group of designers, programmers, and artists with a mutual appreciation for innovation, using their brains and computers to make video games.

The open beta was announced on their blog earlier this month.

For this Open Beta Weekend (January 19th-20th-21st), we’re excited to reveal a new feature: Live Spectator Interactions…..From the ground-up, the gameplay of Darwin Project was designed to be spectacular to watch, and what better way to embrace this design than to give spectators the tools to connect directly and influence the show?….We are also working on bringing this feature to Twitch. Stay tuned!

Gaming Geeks, is Darwin Project a game you will play? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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