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New dating sim “Dream Daddy” helps you find the dad of your dreams.

written by Alex Lopez June 18, 2017

Dating sims are all the rage right now. A staple of Japanese video games, dating sims are making their way outside of Japan. The newest sim, Dream Daddy, allows you to find the dad of your dreams. Check out the teaser below.

In Dream Daddy, you create your own “Dadsona” through the game’s Dad creator. After that, the game begins. Your character and his daughter move into a new neighborhood with plenty of single dads to choose from. According to developers Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray, Dream Daddy is “this year’s most anticipated Dad-based game”. While this may be true, it will be hard to beat Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015. There are different types of dads, from beard dad to alcoholic dad, for you to choose from. Of course, the game announcement dropped on Father’s Day. However, the game itself does not come out until July 13th on Steam.

As mentioned earlier, dating sims are taking over these days. This one is unique though. Most dating sims focus on heterosexual relationships. There are the occasional odd relationships, such as Jurassic Heart, which lets you date a T-Rex. There is also Hatoful Boyfriend, in which you are a pigeon looking for love. But not many dating sims tackle homosexual relationships. It is interesting to see dating sims branch out and focus on non-traditional relationships. Video games have long mirrored the real world. With dating sims growing in popularity, it is good to see them mirror the real world too. Except when it comes to dating dinosaurs. That is one type of relationship 1 billion years too late.

Sound off, geeks! What are your thoughts on this new dating sim? Will you try it out? Let us know in the comments.

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