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David Cage Responds to Homophobia Allegations in Worst Way

written by Tyler January 19, 2018
David Cage working with Willem Defoe and Ellen Page

It appears all is not well at Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream studio. Headed up by infamous David Cage and Guillame de Fondaumière, Quantic Dream has allegations thrown at them of racism, homophobia, and sexual misconduct from three separate French reports and complaints from 5 former employees. Cage’s reaction is shocked and he refutes all allegations. He has been quoted saying, “You want to talk about homophobia? I work with Ellen Page, who fights for LGBT rights”.

Not going to lie, that sounds quite close to the tone deaf, “I’m not homophobic. I have a gay friend.”

Quantic Dream's past projects, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two SoulsAside from childish Photoshop images that have circulated among their staff, overworked employees are confirmed by several sources as well. Thankfully, this has been reported to be less and less of an issue in the industry (although still too prevalent overall). In addition, Fondaumière himself is also being targeted for allegedly hitting on staff at parties. He is quoted saying, “None of any of this happened at any evening event” (emphasis mine).

I guess he’s just keeping those activities to office hours.

As for racism, one incident involved a burglary caught on CCTV, which David Cage was discussing with an employee. Cage asked the employee (who is of Tunisian origin), “Is that a cousin of yours?”

How the hell does this stuff happen with a studio that has an HR department? Apparently, this is how. Complaints about inaction from HR isn’t surprising when Quantic Dream’s workforce is comprised of 83% men. That fact further explains why there’s a picture of a penis and farting testes on the wall in their offices.

Regardless, Quantic Dream’s next project is Become Human, slated for a PS4-exclusive release this spring. How these allegations may undermine their next project, we won’t know for a few months. Does racism, homophobia, sexism, or a dirty David Cage affect your pre-order strategy?

Better yet, do you even plan on buying Become Human at all after these allegations? Let us know in the comments!

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Le Monde

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