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Dawn of War 3 is Coming!

written by Branden H May 3, 2016

There was a time when good games for the Warhammer 40k franchise were hard to find but that is changing. We’ve talked about the new Battlefleet Gothic,¬†Freeblade, and Inquisitor is around the corner as well but before all of that there was Dawn of War.

Released by the now dead THQ and developed by Relic Entertainment way back in September of 2004, Dawn of War was the first time WH40k players were able to experience what it felt like to lead armies from the comfort of their computer chairs.

It was a classic RTS in every sense of the world with the rich history of Warhammer 40k laid over it. It was fantastic for its time and carried over through three expansions before Relic released Dawn of War II; which in my mind is the pinnacle of the series. The standard RTS format in single player was replaced by small squad tactics in which you controlled four key characters and their squads. Loot upgrades and memorable characters made it a story to remember and I still play it today when I get the urge.

Cyrus from Dawn of War 2

Its expansion, Chaos Rising, was even more amazing with an expanded story and the ability to wield powerful weapons that could potentially drive the player towards Chaos, the grand evil of the 40k world. Needless to say I am a fan boy of Relic’s games and I could write an entire article on my love for them but that is not why I am here.

One of the Facebook groups I’m in posted a page link to the German website Gamestar and once I plugged it into my chrome browser and had it translated I was giddy with anticipation because Relic had put up a teaser tweet for today’s date and a little 30 second trailer that showed the date, May 3 on repeat.

Now the announcement trailer has arrived! It looks like it captures all of the goodness of the 40k world and gives us hints at some new units that will be in the game like the Imperial Knight. Check it out below and fair warning, it is a little graphic.

Do we have any RTS geeks in the house? Any ready to get down on Dawn of War 3? Got some hot tips for you want to share? Hit up the comments section below!

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