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How DC Comics is Helping Puerto Rico and a Homegrown Superheroine

written by Dominic Gomez March 24, 2018
Cover of Ricanstruction showing Wonder Woman and Borinquena

This story hits very close to home for me. My father was born and raised in Yabucoa, PR. For those that may not know, or remember, Yabucoa was the first part of the island hit by Hurricane Maria. I’ve been to Puerto Rico a handful of times and, while it has been getting crowded over the last handful of years, it is an extremely beautiful island. Six months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit there are still over 100,000 people without power. Six. Friggin. Months.

La Borinqueña and DC Comics

La Borinqueña is a Puerto Rican superheroine created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez in 2016. Growing up it’s always nice to be able to see a superhero that looks like you. I think that is part of the reason Black Panther has done so good recently. Personally, I was a huge Superman fan growing up, which is why the team up with DC Comics is so awesome to me.

La Borinqueña will be fighting alongside DC’s biggest heroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others for a better Puerto Rico. For me, and so many other Puerto Ricans this is a great way to just suspend reality, even for just a bit, in a way that only comic books can.

The book is called Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico and is set to be released on May 23. It will be 192 pages and will have a cover price of $19.99. All profits will benefit relief efforts and will go to organizations like El Puente who will provide solar lamps, food, and other supplies to the island. The following is a direct quote from the NY Times;

The contributors to the anthology, published by Somos Arte, include industry stars like Denys Cowan, Gail Simone and Yanick Paquette. It will also include stories written by Rosario Dawson, Rubén Blades and Sonia Manzano. The novelist Esmeralda Santiago also contributed a story, illustrated by Jon Woodard, about her grandfather, who lived through a hurricane that hit the island in 1928.

Puerto Rico Strong

Cover of Puerto Rico strong anthology

Puerto Rico Strong is another comics anthology that has already been released. It takes more of an in-depth look at Puerto Rican culture and history. All profits will also go to benefit relief efforts. The publisher, Lion Forge, will match the first $25,000 and Diamond Comic Distributors will donate 5% of retail sales to The United Way of Puerto Rico.

I am very glad people are still trying to help PR get back on its feet. I will definitely be buying the new anthology, when it releases. What about you? Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on buying it!

If you would like to donate to the relief efforts directly without buying the comic anthology please follow the link below.

Hispanic Federation Unidos.

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