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The DC Movie Verse may shed another director [UPDATED]

written by Branden H May 2, 2016
Justice League movie concept art

It looks like a crisis is starting to brew in Zack Snyder’s vision of the DC cinematic universe. Recently, we reported that The Flash’s director left the project due to creative differences and now Birth.Movies.Death is giving us more insight into the ongoing struggles at Warner Brothers.

Batman v Superman made a lot of money but sources at WB are telling a different story despite the large sum that was made. Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns were surprised by the critical reviews and sour audience reaction to their introduction to the DC cinematic universe and the executives were not happy with the movie’s take over all. This is a problem for the studio because the Justice League movie started shooting just days after the release of BvS which means that WB could do very little to stop its momentum without poisoning the box office sales of BvS or its future endeavors.

This has lead to a lot of behind the scenes shuffling and pressure from executives on Snyder who is currently shooting in London. Now we are getting reports that James Wan, director of the upcoming The Conjuring 2 , might be reconsidering his role as Aquaman’s director. He already has a few movies on WB’s summer slate and these were made at a fraction of the cost of a movie like Aquaman putting him in a position where the company needs him and not the other way around. Time will tell if Wan stays on board but he simply could not want the creative headache of making his movie align with Zach Snyder’s vision.

Aquaman from the upcoming movie.

Honestly the fact that this is occurring should not come as a surprise to some of the fans who have watched the progression of the DC Universe. It was a knee jerk reaction after the moderate success of the newest Superman reboot and instead of building up towards the Justice League the way Marvel did with its Avengers it decided to put its chips on one over packed movie. We had time to become invested in the characters that made up the Avengers over the course of several movies.

DC is not giving us that chance and because of it, I feel, the cracks are starting to show.

[Updated] It appears Wan has heard the rumors thrown around and has responded on Twitter:

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