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Deadpool 2 lands new director (maybe) days after Miller exit

written by Alex Lopez October 28, 2016


Pop the chimichangas back in the microwave, folks! Deadpool 2 (maybe) has found its new director only days after Tim Miller left the project.

John Wick director David Leitch is reported to be a frontrunner to take on the anticipated superhero sequel. Leitch is in talks with fox to direct the X-Force movie. Meanwhile, Fox is also considering Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens. Goodard is known for the hit movie The Martian, while Martens TV credits include Luke Cage and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Leitch has pretty solid experience when it comes to action movies, with credits as a stunt coordinator for such movies as Tron: Legacy and Speed Racer. Considering his past with action movies, it would seem Deadpool 2 is a solid fit for Leitch.

Fans were shocked when news broke that Miller had left the project. It was reported that Miller and star Ryan Reynolds clashed over several creative choices, including who to cast as Cable in the upcoming movie. As a result, Miller left the project and left Fox scrabbling to find a new director. Fox now seems to be on the right track and will soon make an announcement.

What say you, geeks? Who do you think is a good choice to direct?

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