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Deadpool 2 Loses Yet Another Key Figure

written by Jude Kasekamp November 3, 2016

deadpool shocked, with hands on his faceHot on the heels of the news that director Tim Miller left Deadpool 2, we got yet another unfortunate announcement. Junkie XL has declared that he won’t be composing the soundtrack for the sequel. After Miller left due to creative differences with star and producer Ryan Reynolds, the veteran music producer chose not to follow up on his work from the first installment. Junkie XL took to Twitter to break the news to the world:

This is a truly unfortunate turn of events, and leads to fans asking, “Who’s next to leave?” Miller had such a hand in the success of Deadpool’s first big screen title. It may be understandable that others in the cast and crew would be hesitant to continue working with the franchise if someone else is at the helm.

20th Century Fox would do well to inject a boost of confidence in the upcoming movie. After the success of Deadpool, the studio should do everything in their power to push the sequel through. We hope that this is the last of the turbulence for our favourite chimichanga-eating merc.

Deadpool composer Junkie XL in his production studio

Junkie XL’s real name is Tom Holkenborg, and he is a Dutch musician, composer, and producer. He first gained success in the late 90’s with his electronic records and video game soundtracks, and eventually moved into composing original scores for films. He has even worked with the likes of Hans Zimmer. His work in comic book movies has especially been successful. He gave us soundtracks for 300: Rise of an EmpireThe Amazing Spider-Man 2Batman v Superman, and others. He will also be composing for the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League films.

What do you geeks think, and are you upset about Miller and Junkie XL leaving? Who do you think should replace the composer to give us a soundtrack worthy of the sequel to the most successful R-rated movie in history?

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