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Deadpool and Suicide Squad walk into a bar but Squad gets the Oscar nom?

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. January 24, 2017
It's Deadpool and Harley

It's Deadpool getting no Oscar

Well geeks and geekettes, the Academy Awards, aka Oscar, nominations went out today. Mostly I ignore them and the ceremony itself because the movies they usually present up there in their stuffy designer dresses with double sided tape and socks stuffed in their shorts are droll disasters. Plus most of those movies have been seen by the population of a rural farming town in Iowa – combined. For some reason they become critical darlings and win award after award ad nauseum. This year however I kept a more keen eye on them to see how the mass rush of comic book movies did. I am so not certain what happened this go round but it feels like the whole nominee board got drunk on Four Locos and passed out in Ace Chemicals.

First, we need to congratulate Doctor Strange on his nomination for Visual Effects. If there’s one thing we can say about the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, it’s that they are very visually telling. Doctor Strange was no different and in fact may have raised the bar for what smoking a pound of peyote feels like after midnight. I really hope he wins, not just for the MCU but for comic book movies in general. More recognition, more fame and this next travesty might never happen again.

It's Doctor Strange

The only other nomination was in the Hair and Makeup field, which I honestly never knew existed. There were a couple of other nominees but nowhere near the flair of this bat shit crazy movie – Suicide Squad. I don’t know still how I feel about Joker but the hair and makeup team did a hell of a job on the actors to transform them into their 4 panel counterparts. Yes, they deserve the nod but it’s frustrating.

Frustration lies in the fact that those were the only two comic book movie nominations. We can be honest and say not all of them deserved a nom but I think we’re all adults here, we are all adults here, yes? I think we can universally agree a transgression has been done to Deadpool. The movie that shouldn’t but did. The fans wanted it, the star busted his, some will say sexy, ass to make it happen, the movie blew up like ten nukes in a disaster film. Biggest R rated film in history. Captured the essence of the character in ways we didn’t think possible. And the gift that is Ryan Reynolds. This movie more than earned a seat at the table but instead something that was commercially solid but just okay with the fans, Suicide Squad, gets a nomination instead? This is an Injustice I tell you!

It's Deadpool and Harley

And this is why I quit watching the Oscars. The nominee board has no rhyme or reason as to why they do what they do. I feel in my weathered bones that the celebrity judges on the panel don’t want comic books to succeed because it would somehow make their “serious” work less legitimate. Just my two paranoid cents. However Deadpool was robbed and the Academy will feel the wrath of the fans online, I guarantee you that

Here we are again geeks, at the end of the train. What do you think about the Oscars? This year’s nominations? Deadpool being snubbed? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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