Home News Deadpool Himself Donates $5K to Theater Being Fined in Utah

Deadpool Himself Donates $5K to Theater Being Fined in Utah

written by Jon "BatPool" M April 30, 2016
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Throughout the Deadpool movie he tells us he is not a hero, yet every week we hear of something awesome from Ryan Reynolds. TheĀ radioactive shar pei strikes again, this time in Utah.

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Brewvies is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and combines two of the greatest things. Beer and Movies. But according to the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, you cannot serve alcohol while screening movies that feature full nudity and/or sexual acts. So basically R-rated movies. So after screening the most-definitely-R-rated movie, Deadpool, the theater is now potentially facing fines upwards of $25,000.

Have no fear, Deadpool is here! That’s right, Ryan Reynolds has donated $5,000 to the company’s Go Fund Me page to help with legal fees. Brewvies claims that they have been under high scrutiny from the UDABC for several years and have faced similar issues when showing films such as Magic Mike, Ted 2, and the Hangover 2. They believe that their first amendment rights are being infringed upon.

We’ll keep you posted when we get more info on this story, but in the mean time, raise your glasses because Deadpool is coming to Blu ray and DVD May 10!

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