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Spider-Man, Last Of Us, Death Stranding, More From Sony E3!

written by Tyler June 12, 2018
Sony's The Last Of Us Part II, showing Ellie

One of the last E3 presentations, we will summarize in an easy-to-digest format for what Sony covered during their press conference, with more in-depth details on each game coming down the line. Enjoy!

  • Sony began their E3 press conference with a banjo playin, seemingly teasing some Last Of Us information.
  • Sure enough, after the banjo player was done, a trailer came on showing Ellie from The Last Of Us Part 2, a bit grown up. She’s drinking, at a bar. Seems hardened like Joel. After dancing and some making out with with another, it flashes back to Ellie in the forest, stabbing down a gruesome looking dude.
    • Some light story and combat showed playable Ellie as she bow and arrow’d down dudes from afar, and stealth killed human enemies up close. Hiding under vehicles and trying to evade shots, the combat seemed absolutely visceral. Some of the most personal combat I’ve seen in a game.
    • Flashing back to the dance, it shows Ellie in a romantic embrace with her partner. My god I couldn’t be more excited here.

  • Next up, Sony cut away to a panel of Sony folks talking about the E3 presentation, as an… intermission after one trailer?
  • While waiting, Sony cuts to a trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Then cut to their highlights of announcements that led up to E3. Out of a 1hr 25min E3 conference, we’re now 30 min in. With basically 1 new reveal so far.
  • Next up before they return to the actual Sony showcase, is a trailer for Destiny 2 DLC, Forsaken, with a September 4th release date.
  • Back to the actual Sony E3 showcase, Sony continues with a trailer showing combat, story and gameplay for a new title, Ghost Of Tsushima, which looks absolutely stunning.
  • After that, Sony showed a trailer for a game that looks like if Psi Ops and Max Payne had a baby with a badass female protagonist. It’s called Control and it looks absolutely awesome.
  • A trailer for a Resident Evil 2 remake was shown. It showed Leon and other familiar characters, and looked creepy as ever. January 25th was shown as a release date.

  • Next showed a trailer for a platformer game that partnered with Rick And Morty. It’s called Trover Saves The Universe, coming to PS4 and PS VR.
  • Kingdom Hearts showed yet another trailer this E3, this time with almost the entire cast from the full Pirates Of The Caribbean series. January 29th, 2019 was the release date.
  • The anticipated Death Stranding had a brand new trailer showing actual gameplay this time. Still super mysterious. Still dark. Still beautiful. Still awesome.
  • A trailer for Nioh 2 was displayed. More combat and epicness, but an extremely short teaser.
  • Spider Man finally had its big ol’ segment. Showing a captivating moment in a helicopter going down, followed by a battle between our favorite spidey and a certain electrified anti-hero.

  • A random title from From Software, Déraciné, came out with just a teaser for an artsy looking game.
  • Insomniac came on the Sony panel to show further gameplay for Spider man, and this closed out the Sony E3 press conference.

What about you geeks? Excited for Ellie’s adventure in The Last Of Us Part II? How about that Spider Man gameplay? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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