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Deleting Viruses from a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 6, 2017

Although Macs are generally known to be rather resilient to viruses and malware, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t completely immune. If you suspect that your Mac has a virus on it you should try to remove it immediately, and even if not it doesn’t hurt to periodically check to make sure that there are no viruses present.

If you aren’t sure how to check Mac for viruses, it may be a good idea to try Movavi Mac Cleaner. Although it is designed to mainly clean out unnecessary files and free up space it also has several other useful features – one of which is a full-fledged antivirus.

To activate the antivirus in Movavi Mac Cleaner and use it to delete a virus, first launch the software and wait as it automatically scans your Mac for junk files. When the scan is done you can remove all the junk files that were found with a single click, or you could instead immediately head to the ‘Antivirus’ tab on the left.

Assuming it is your first time using the Antivirus in Movavi Mac Cleaner, you will have to install its virus checker engine and database. Go over the license agreement and click the box next to ‘I accept the license agreement’ then click ‘Install’.

Once the Antivirus has been installed, you can start to check any files or folders for viruses. To do so you need to simply click on the ‘Add Folder’ button and select the folders that you want to check, or individual files if you prefer. Once you’ve added all the files and folders you want, click ‘Start’ and Movavi Mac Cleaner’s Antivirus will scan them for viruses.

After the scan is done you can check to see whether any viruses were found. If Movavi Mac Cleaner found harmful files it will list them, and you can mark the ones that you want to remove and click the ‘Remove’ button to get rid of them.

As you can see it is really quite easy to check for and delete viruses from a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner. The same can be said of its other features as well that will let you free up space by clearing out junk files, uninstalling unwanted apps, securely deleting confidential files, and optimizing your Mac in other ways too.

All in all your Mac should be safer and run better with the help of Movavi Mac Cleaner. To ensure its protection further you may want to look into activating the Firewall feature as well, so that you’re shielded from the many different types of online threats that are out there nowadays.