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Delve Into Richard Launius Tabletop!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 27, 2017
Delve board game cover art

If you’re a fan of Arkham Horror and Boss Monster, check out the Kickstarter for new tabletop board game Delve! The new dungeon builder on the block, Delve sets itself apart by promising a unique gaming experience. You will face off against other adventurers, kill monsters, and of course find treasure as you delve into this new tabletop.

Delve board game cover art

Game Overview:

Richard Launius, designer of the Arkham Horror series and Pete Shirey of Cool Mini or Not are the creators. With design talent to spare, the game promises to be an exciting challenge. The game trailer below shows a first look at the bands of adventurers and the dungeon maps.

For those familiar with Arkham Horror, some gameplay mechanics will be familiar. The encounter cards work the same as those in Arkham Horror, with different outcomes depending on your success or failure of the required task. The dungeon building aspect is completely unique others on the market, it uses dungeon tiles that act as puzzle pieces! The tiles are placed next to each other to create the rooms and corridors you can adventure in. Battles occur between adventurers or monsters when the room is complete. You can trap enemies to force them into encounters, or face monsters with your own characters to get extra loot. The game runs on a time scale controlled by a sun token. If you play a dungeon tile with a sun in it, the sun advances across the sky. The game ends when the sun sets, or there are no gold loot cards left.

Contents of Delve game

If this game is an adventure you want to battle through, check out Delve on Kickstarter. More information about the game, video walk-throughs, and support perks are available on their Kickstarter page. Be sure to go pledge before February 15th when the game will release. Do you like dungeon builders? Will you support Delve on Kickstarter or play it when it releases? Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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