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Designer-Based WordPress Hosting Platform Flywheel Scoops Up $4M in Funding

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg April 5, 2016

Most sites on the web that you visit through today or any day are hosted on WordPress since they host millions of websites … and that includes DHTG. When starting your first WordPress site or blog figuring out your hosting is always one of the hardest decisions. The geeks over at Flywheel here in Omaha NE know that. So they have made it super easy to use their platform and switching to them is a breeze.


In latest Flywheel news they have scooped up $4M in the Series A round led by Kansas City’s Five Elms Capital. That is in comparison to last year when the Omaha based company pulled in $1.2M let by Linseed Capital.

Being based out of Omaha, I (DHTG) have personally had the chance to talk with a few people from Flywheel, as we have been looking at switching hosts, and really love the way they handle things and customers. Everything from Designers to your single WordPress sites they can handle it and from what we have been quoted at a decent price as well. Plans start at $15 a month depending on what your or your business is in need of. With new features and add ins they are always adapting and bringing more to the table to be your choice in hosting as well.


Flywheel says they have 40,000 agencies, freelancers and creatives running on their platform. In recent article with TechCrunch CEO Dusty Davidson says:

“Obviously we’ll continue to scale support, sales & marketing – but we’re most excited to be able to use the money to invest in new product and platform ideas specific for designer and agency workflows,” Flywheel co-founder and CEO Dusty Davidson tells me. “I think ultimately our product and it’s designer/agency focus is what separates us from the rest of the hosts on the planet. ”

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