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‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ – Venture Forth To New Frontiers

written by Logan Brklacic June 10, 2018
The promotional image for Destiny 2: Forsaken shows a black hand cannon gun with smoke rising off it, with a shadowy figure standing on the end of the barrel.

Whether you love it or hate it, I’m going to give you a run-down of upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken. I, personally, still enjoy playing Destiny 2. It is one of those games I can just get lost in for hours. So I am a little excited to hear about the new things included in Forsaken, especially since the official reveal says they are bringing back a lot of features we all loved about original Destiny. They are changing up weapons, adding new locations, giving us new Supers, a new raid, a new PVE/PVP game mode, new weapons and gear, and a lot of new enemies.

Basically we are going to be going to The Reef again. The Reef was claimed as the awoken territory for the ones who chose to not live within The Last City’s walls, under The Traveler’s light. Here was also home to one of the largest intergalactic prisons, known as the Prison of Elders. Well, there was a jailbreak! Now running amok across the Tangled Shore, The Reef’s new explorable area, are eight Barons. Big big bad guys who want nothing more then to end our light. We also get to experience a new type of enemy we haven’t encountered before.

The official reveal shows off some of the new supers and some new things we can do with existing supers. A Hunter gets to throw solar knives?! How awesome it that? A Warlock gets to teleport around and vaporize enemies, and Titan’s get to swing a huge flaming hammer that will generate a fire tornado. A new legendary bow is also being introduced as well as brand new exotic gear to discover. They are also integrating Triumphs, similar to the records from The Taken King until the end of Destiny. Also, allowing us to see all the collections of armor and guns in the game, for the collectors that want to finish out their personal arsenal.

a screen capture of the new Collections feature of Destiny 2: Forsaken

Screen capture of the new Collections screen in Destiny 2: Forsaken

The new PVE/PVP game mode is called Gambit. You compete in a team of four against another team of four. Each team has it’s own arena that it fights in. The arenas will have various alien enemies to defeat that will drop motes for you to pick up. You then want to bank these motes when you have enough to put a lock on the opposing team’s bank. There is also a chance, with enough motes, that one member from¬† your team can enter the other teams arena to rain havoc on them and their mote collecting ways.¬† Once you have filled your bank with enough motes, you summon a final boss in your arena and once they are defeated, the round is over.

A Destiny 2: Forsaken guardian wielding a bow and arrow, a new legendary weapon in the game.

Promotional image of the new legendary bow in Destiny 2: Forsaken

The raid will take place in what is called The Dreaming City. It will actually be an in game destination, that the raid is inside of. The Dreaming City is actually the awoken home land. It will have secrets and puzzles to solve, and lots of other cool lore-related things. The area is also dynamic, in that what happens in the raid will shape how the Dreaming City looks and unveils new secrets. Over the weeks, the area will never look the same as it did at launch.

A large alien kneels on a huge weapon. It's one of the Barons in Destiny 2: Forsaken

One of the new Barons in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie says they have listened to our cries, our pleas, and our feedback and put all of it into Forsaken. You can pre-order the new expansion now. Forsaken is set for a September 4, 2018 release date. Watch the official reveal below:

Are you so fed up with Destiny 2 that Forsaken will not bring you back? Does Forsaken give you all the things you wanted when Destiny 2 launched? Let us know in the comments.

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