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Destiny 2 Project is Underway

written by kimmyink90 November 5, 2014


The next project for the Destiny series is now in development.  Activision’s Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, has revealed that a full game that will add to the franchise is now in the works.  Hirshberg also mentioned that we can expect to see future expansion packs in addition to the next full game release.

Activision is well known for it’s longstanding contract for the Call of Duty series, but it also has a 10-year deal for the Destiny franchise.  According to GameSpot, the Bungie-Activision contract details there will be a handful of sequels to Destiny.

There isn’t any news as to what new content and features the sequel will contain, nor has the release date been revealed.  When GameSpot asked the representative about further details, they were told,

“At Activision we are very pleased at the launch of Destiny and look forward to working with Bungie to expand the universe over the course of our 10-year relationship. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

There you have it geeks.  What are you expecting the next Destiny game to have?  Do you think Destiny will be a successful franchise?  Will it be too similar to Halo and Call of Duty or will it hold out on its own and establish itself as an original franchise?  Let us know in the comments below!

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