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Destiny: The Taken King Reveal: All About That (Vault) Space and 12 other big changes

written by Trevor "RaZaK" Roberts Jr August 20, 2015
On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, Bungie’s community manager David “Deej” Dague hosted a Twitch stream to inform fans of upcoming changes in the September 15th release of Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. Deej was accompanied by Mark Noseworthy, Executive Producer for The Taken King (TTK), and Tyson Green, Senior Design Lead for rewards, progression, the cryptarch, and other assorted RNG-related wizardry.
With the assistance of new Bungie staffer, Cozmo, the panel answered questions from the Internet and provided a comprehensive tour of the changes that are related to character progression and item management.
The following list comprises the most significant developments:
  1. The ratings of your weapons, armor, class item, AND your ghost will determine your light level
  2. Character levels are no longer determined by light levels of your gear.  Light is still important, but characters will now resume leveling up by gaining XP from in-game tasks like missions, crucible, etc.
  3. Bounties can be turned in from any location. No need to return to the Tower for that
  4. Emblems, shaders, and vehicles are now accessible via “Collections” terminals in the tower. Once you unlock them, you can always get them back if you delete them to make space in your Vault. Speaking of which…
  5. Vault space increased to 72 slots for weapons…You read that right. 72 slots JUST for weapons! Another 72 slots for armor, and finally 36 slots for general items such as consumables, emblems, etc.
  6. Exotic blueprints allow you to re-purchase any exotic armor or weapons that you already own for alternate characters. Some Year 1 exotics will even be upgraded to Year 2 stats. Gjallarhorn was notably absent from the list of heavy weapons getting the Year 2 update treatment. #SadPandaFace  However, Bungie may be keeping plans for everyone’s favorite rocket launcher under wraps to get players excited about new exotics.
  7. Legendary Marks replace Vanguard and Crucible Marks as currency for legendary gear.  At the TTK launch, your existing marks will be converted to commendations that can be redeemed for reputation
  8. No weekly cap on the amount of Legendary Marks that you can earn!
  9. Year 2 weapons can have their attack ratings improved by the “Infuse” process that consumes a more powerful weapon as an ingredient.
  10. Lord Shaxx and the Crucible Quartermaster will both offer bounties that can yield Nightfall-level rewards if they are all completed before the weekly reset.
  11. Gunsmith now has his own reputation rating that improves as you field test guns for him. You have the opportunity to get Legendary guns from him as rewards, and his tasks reset every “Armsday” (Wednesday)
  12. Faction Allegiance allows you to earn faction reputation concurrently with vanguard and crucible reputation. There is no requirement to wear faction-specific gear. Although, their armor will have interesting features such as resistance to elemental damage.
  13. Did I say 72 VAULT SLOTS FOR WEAPONS?!
Bungie seems to want players to make progress without feeling frustrated. Throughout the broadcast, the panel emphasized the desire that players should have more control over their level progression rather than waiting for RNG to bless them with an epic drop. Players who purchase TTK will even have a single Spark of Light waiting for them in the postmaster to level up a new character to rank 34 immediately.
Along with the major reveals, there were some subtle changes that will be noticeable to Destiny veterans:
  • Up to 4 bounties can have their progress displayed when you bring up your ghost’s heads up display (HUD)
  • Eris Morn has moved to the basement with the Vanguard
  • You can switch which weapon is displayed on your character in the Tower
The Bungie team wrapped up the broadcast with showing off some of the new character emotes including the Titan character dancing like M.C. Hammer (presumably due the Titan class’s new Hammer of Sol ability).
Phew, a lot was revealed in that first TTK Twitch stream, and more details will continue to be shared at the next broadcast on August 26th at 11 AM PDT, when Bungie showcases the new subclasses in a Strike located on Oryx’s ship: The Dreadnaught.  Don’t miss it!

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