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Detroit: Become Human E3 Trailer (VIDEO)

written by Jordan Cobb June 14, 2016

As expected at E3 this year, more specifically during the Sony conference, the latest game from David Cage and his studio, Quantic Dream had lots to show off with their newest offering and needless to say, Detroit: Become Human impressed those in attendance. Take a look for yourself!

As expected ever since Heavy Rain, the game will be exclusively only to Sony and available on the PlayStation 4.

The story for the game is set in a futuristic Detroit where androids live among us, but they don’t exactly have the same rights as us flesh and blood humans. Clearly a good use of sci-fi allegory to use in the future to comment on today with discrimination still a big problem itself amongst several groups. Sadly there is no RoboCop there to help keep things in order. From the looks of it, they could use him.


The trailer itself showed off what we can expect from the game. In it we’re treated to a scene of an android holding a little girl hostage as an android cop, Connor (the only other known character being fellow android, Kara) tries to calm him down. One of the mechanics that will be used in the game is the numerous ways in which you can handle the situation with the rogue android. These are based on what you first decide to do. Interactive video games and David Cage are much like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together.

The footage shown does look absolutely incredible given this current generation of game systems and promises hours upon hours of entertainment. No release date has yet to be set for the game.

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