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3D Print your own Deus Ex Prosthetic

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. June 10, 2016
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A UK company called Open Bionics is teaming up with Eidos to offer 3D printable Deus Ex style prosthetics. Open Bionics has already done a lot to improve the design and affordability of prosthetics. The company’s co-founder Joel Gibbard has been fascinated by bionics since he was 17, and made creating a economical bionic hand the subject of his final year thesis at University. The result, available at the Open Bionics web shop, is affordable electronics and 3D printed parts you can put together yourself. You can even print the parts yourself and buy the electronics from another source.

Open Bionics is now working with Eidos Montreal to create 2 Deus Ex based designs. One that is modelled after the main character, Adam Jensen, and a generic design that would fit in the Deus Ex universe. They’re still working on the functionality of the Jensen hand prototype, and making it look as awesomely sci-fi as possible. They’re also working with Razr, the gaming peripheral company to incorporate the “Real Sense” motion-capture software so that real people can test the prosthetics controls in real time. The open-source will be available next year, plus there’ll be a display from Open Bionics and Eidos Montreal at E3 and Gamescon this year.

Deux Ex prosthetic

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