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DHTG Review: iClever BoostCube and BoostDrive with Smart ID

written by Alex Lopez August 16, 2017

We have all been there. You lose the wall charger to your device. The car charger you bought stops working. Or maybe those wireless headphones you bought don’t come with a wall adapter. Well folks, iClever has a great solution for you. Meet the iClever BoostCube and BoostDrive. While most aftermarket chargers run the risk of frying your device, iClever developed both of these chargers with a Smart ID system to ensure your device gets the correct charge.

Let’s first start by talking about the BoostCube. This wall charger weighs in at only 1.52oz and measures 1.57 x 1.57 x 1.12 inches. The Smart ID inside also gives you a faster charge for that quick charge up before heading for a night out. After about 20 minutes, my iPhone 7 Plus charged up 20%. That is quite a bit faster than the normal iPhone charger. Another great feature of the BoostCube is that you can charge two devices at once. And no, it does not slow down the charging speed. I know this comes in handy for me when there are not enough plugs in the house.

Up next is the iClever BoostDrive car charger. Like the BoostCube, the BoostDrive comes with Smart ID technology to ensure a fast and safe charge. Even though it may be smaller, the BoostDrive charges just as fast as the BoostCube. For me, one of the best features about the BoostDrive is the same as the BoostCube; the ability to charge two devices at once. When you have someone riding in the car with you, there is no longer a worry about who can charge their phone first. With the BoostDrive, both you and your passenger can make sure your phones keep a constant charge on road trips.

Both chargers can charge a number of devices. Whether you have the latest gadget or are still holding on to a previous generation, you can be assured that both the iClever BoostCube and BoostDrive will charge your device safely and quickly anytime you need.

You can purchase the iClever BoostCube here or the iClever BoostDrive here.


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