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DHTG Speaks With Comic Artist Mahmud Asrar Over His Marvel “Run the Jewel” Variant Covers

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace January 17, 2015
Run the Jewel variant covers

Run the Jewel variant covers by: Asrar

After hearing about Marvel Comic’s newest Hip-Hop variant cover “Run The Jewel”, I decided to drop a line to Mahmud Asrar, to get his thoughts on his part in the newest variant cover trend. This time involving Hip-Hops newest hit maker sensations Run the Jewel along with Deadpool, Howard the Duck and Thanos to bring this awesome mash-up crossover. Here is what Marvel’s young gun artist Mahmud Asrar had to say:


Hey Manny!

When I was asked to do this cover, I immediately had the idea in my head. I knew the idea was spot on when someone asked to buy the cover just by seeing the layout for it. Apparently the Run The Jewels guys like it a lot too, which is great.
Aside from a couple of people who complained about the look of Howard (which was expected) I got a huge amount of positive feedback for it, which I am thrilled about. Had a few buy offers for the original art in less than 24 hours which doesn’t happen every day either.



Art: Mahmud Asrar

Art: Mahmud Asrar

Thank you so much from your busy time to do this Mahmud! Please check out Mahmud Asrar’s work with Marvel and DC comics


Run the Jewel

Run the Jewel

Run the Jewel

Run the Jewel

The Hip-Hop group Run the Jewel is blazing up the charts with hits like Run My Darling, Run the Jewel, A Christmas F**^#ing Miracle and my personal fave Blockbuster Night pt.1. They are not hard-core gangster rappers  like some might assume. These guys are quite fun to listen to and their humor is endlessly unbound!!


This just fits with the already released Marvel / Hip-Hop colabos that include Falcon’s Captain America with No Flex Zone, The New Lugs variants with Jeezy and the variant cover of Eminem sitting on the Slim Shady 2 cover house steps chillin with Iron Man.  If there is anything I love more than comics that is hip-hop music. I personally LOVE the hip-hop covers but I have heard and seen a lot of dislike for them also, since fans ask….’Why hip-hop?’

My only reply is………”Why NOT Hip-Hop?” No harm no foul, right peeps? What are our readers’ thoughts on hip-hop variant covers?


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