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Diablo 3: Stay a While and Loot Things.

written by GamesWonk January 19, 2016


The newest patch for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is now live. What does this mean? More loot, that’s what! Here’s a look at what the latest update has to offer.
With this patch, Blizzard (and Battle.net) have given us twenty seven new locales to explore. Twenty four of these are set dungeons, but more on those in a bit. The Eternal Woods, located in the Ruins of Sescheron in Act III, adds more yeti-type monsters, Khazra Clans, and other cold-loving baddies to the already impressive bestiary of Sanctuary. If your idea of a good time includes slaying baddies in a wintry, ruin-strewn wonderland, this is your jam. Greyhollow Island is in Act V, and is a dreary, rainy map. The myths and rumors surrounding this island say it hungers for the living, and the array of new wolves, sasquatch, and wood wraiths, along with the angry ghosts of the islands victims certainly add to the creep-factor. Who knows what darkness awaits in this side story? The Royal Quarters area is located in Leoric’s Manor in Act I, opened up courtesy of those pesky Cultists and their army of rubble-clearing undead. Deep within this new locale lies a new Legendary Transmog item, Lachdannan’s Stormshield. This shield was in both of the previous games, and was widely considered to be the best Legendary shield in the first game.

Back to Set Dungeons! What is a Set dungeon? Once you have acquired all six pieces of a Set, you can search throughout Sanctuary for the static dungeon specifically for your shiny Set. These dungeons provide trials and challenges that are aimed at their particular Set, meant to utilize the powers and abilities granted by your gear and your command of your class.  Upon completion of a Set dungeon,  you will be rewarded with cosmetic items, and/or other loot, and there is a possibility of greater rewards as you complete the maps. Who knows what will happen if you manage to defeat them all?

New maps aren’t all this update has to offer. Have more gold than you know what to do with? Spend that cash on making a Greater Rift an Empowered Rift and score an extra chance to upgrade a Legendary Gem once you’ve smashed the Guardian. There are also four stash upgrades to be purchased, increases and improvements to Sets and Legendaries, and new class-specific Legendary items with unique Legendary powers. With the addition of the Augment Legendary recipe for Kunai’s Cube, you can further improve your Legendary arsenal! Also part of this patch, are the new Mercy’s Gaze mecha-angelic wings, my favorite set of cosmetic wings thus far!

There is much more to this update, of course. There are skill updates, quality of life changes and so much more. You can read the deets about this patch here. Whether you are a 3k Paragon or a brand new Hero of Sanctuary, this patch promises plenty of content to keep you busy for quite a while.

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