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Dishonored 2 finally gets a release date

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 3, 2016

Bethesda announced that they will be coming to this year’s E3 2016 conference on June 12th and they will come bearing Dishonored 2 public game play goodness.

We knew that a Dishonored 2 was on the horizon when the official announcement broke at last year’s E3 press conference. We also discovered that the player will have a choice between familiar Corvo Attano, from the first title, or as Emily Kaldwin, who is the heir to the Dunwall throne. If she looks familiar, that may be because she was the character the player spent so much time trying to save in the first game, she was an integral part of the events of the first Dishonored.

Here’s what we know about the anticipated sequel so far: We know that this action adventure, first person stealth game, will follow the original story of its predecessor but with a twist. The player can either choose the narrative style by electing to play as Attano or Kaldwin, as previously mentioned. As the cinematic trailer, which dropped at last year’s conference, indicates – Emily has come into her own by taking on the role of an Assassin and upholds a quest unique to her.

The setting of the game itself strays away from Dunwall and thrusts the player into a world of tyrannical onslaught and a pending revolution, the city of Carnaka. Carnaka houses similar Victorian style architecture but is show as a more mountainous and floral terrain surrounded by luscious forests.


The game play showed at E3 2015 showed that the sequel will seem familiar to veterans of the series with mechanical quirks such as the ability to bend time. We did see that should the player choose Emily, she will come equipped with an organic blue grappling hook, which is new, that allows for an entirely new way at maneuverability for the player to scale walls and conquer the tallest of buildings. She will also have different abilities than her Attano counterpart. The added challenge has also been set, similar to that of the first game, that it is possible to complete the game without killing a single person.

We will see what the series has in store for fans at this year’s E3 expo as Bethesda unveils actual game-play for players to build authentic expectations of the new release coming  November 11th.

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