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Disney allows Marvel Netflix shows to stay

written by Alex Lopez November 19, 2017

With The Punisher receiving high praise from fans and critics alike, Netflix has another hit on their hands. The question has been asked lately about the future of such shows on Netflix. With Disney starting their own streaming service, will the Marvel shows stay with Netflix?

Marvel’s The Punisher

At this time, it appears that the current Marvel shows will stay on Netflix. Film reporter Ben Fritz tweeted that “The Marvel shows currently on Netflix, and any spin-offs from them, will stay on the platform”. So it seems like for now, the current Marvel on Netflix line up isn’t going anywhere. However, there is no guarantee for new Marvel properties on Netflix.

Recently, Disney announced plans for their very own streaming service. Launching in 2019, Disney’s new service aims to be a strong competitor to Netflix. CEO Bob Iger stated that the price point will be lower than Netflix, simply due to volume. Iger said that even though the quality will be there, with brands like Marvel and Star Wars, but since the volume will be less, it makes sense to keep the price low.

Marvel Netflix

After the announcement, many people wondered what would happen to the deal between Disney and Netflix. When Disney bought Marvel back in 2009, many scoffed at the idea. What sense did it make for the Mouse House to buy Marvel, the biggest name in comics? With the success of Iron Man, many thought it odd that Marvel would sell to Disney. Since the purchase though, the Disney and Marvel train is going strong. It comes as no surprise that Disney would want to have a streaming service. With the announcement of a Star Wars live-action show coming to Disney’s streaming service, Disney looks to take the crown from Netflix. But at least for now, the live-action Marvel shows are safe on Netflix.

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