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Disney Could Receive Huge Payout on Carrie Fisher Insurance Claim

written by Jordan Cobb January 1, 2017

The recent unexpected death of Carrie Fisher is about to net Disney some big insurance money.

Disney is said to soon be receiving a £41 million payout from an insurance policy it took out on the Star Wars actress who recently passed away from suffering a heart attack at the age of 60 flying from London to Los Angeles.

Disney took out a $50 million “contract protection cover” policy with Lloyd’s of London should Fisher be unable to appear in any of the upcoming Star Wars films the company had planned on making. Fisher’s role in future films has been one of the many things still being speculated since her death. Filming for Episode VIII wrapped up back in July of last year and she had completed all of her scenes, however Fisher was slated to come back for Star Wars: Episode IX as per her three-film contract with Disney. No doubt the film is due to go under substantial rewrites, but so far Disney has not issued a statement as to how Fisher’s death will affect the future films.

According to The Insurance Insider this is said to be the biggest accidental insurance claim for a single person in the market.

Disney and Lloyd’s haven’t responded to any requests for comments on the issue as of right now.

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Daily Mail

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