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Disneyland Has Star Wars Lightsaber Churros: Join The Dark Side With A Load Of Sugar

written by Quinzel Lee May 16, 2017

If you are a huge Star Wars fan and find yourself at either DisneyLand or DisneyWorld, be prepared to have your mind blown. Not only is DisneyWorld in the works to expand their Star Wars section in Hollywood Studios, but DisneyLand is jumping in on the Star Wars craze by serving Lightsaber Churros in their parks. Star Wars fans are going to be jumping with joy at the news of this new attraction, but make sure you book your place early because its going to be popular! This includes nearby accommodation, particularly family suites near disneyland which always seem to go first. Something tells me these churros are going to be a favourite of kids.

Disney Parks are no stranger to serving incredible food. If you ask anyone who has been, they will rave to you about anything from Dole Whip to…basically everything! After all, it is the happiest place on Earth.

PopSugar gave a description of the latest galactic goodies. “Sold at the churro cart located outside of Star Tours, the lightsaber-themed churros are coated in vibrant-colored sugar (either blue or red, depending on if you feel like taking your taste buds on a walk to the dark side). But it’s not just any dyed sugar — it’s shiny and filled with edible glitter and stars! Does it get much better than that?! I think not.”

These treats, being sold at $4.50 each, are being sold not just for May the Fourth. If you can sprint over to DisneyLand before the end of May, you may be able to grab your own Instagramable treat!

lightsaber churro at disneyland

A few folks took to Instagram to share their thoughts on the new treat. They would all agree that it was out of this world.

IG account “diningwithdisney” gave their opinion in a caption with the edible lightsabers: “Dark side or light side? For me, both sides… Have you tried the red & blue churros at #disneyland yet? You can find them the churro cart outside of Star Tours. They are so pretty & delicious too! No added flavor just beautiful celestial sugar by @bakerybling! Look at the tiny stars!!! So fun. Swipe for close ups!”

Any of you out there close to DisneyLand? Have you had a chance to give these a try? Got an opinion before you’ve even tasted it? Let us know in the comments below.

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