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Disney’s “The Lion Guard: The Rise Of Scar” Generation Y Review

written by Johnny Perkins January 12, 2018
The Lion Guard Kion Roar

Disney’s The Lion Guard

Disney’s The Lion Guard, for those who are unaware, is a show that follows the events of The Lion King movies. The show is centered around Kion, son of Simba and Nala. Kion leads a group of protectors, “The Lion Guard”. Kion’s group is different than any previous iteration, that we’ve never heard of before now. Instead of being made up of all lions, he has a hippo, cheetah, a cattle egret, and a honey badger. This ragtag group roams the prideland helping other animals out and making sure the hyenas stay out. The show itself isn’t bad. It’s a good continuation of the 1994 classic. It’s been on Disney Junior since 2015, giving it two good seasons. The characters bring out the best in each other. They teach the kids watching; confidence, doing what’s right, patience, problem-solving, and many other useful skills. From other kids shows I’ve seen of late, this one would be on my recommended list for parent’s who want something of substance.


The Rise Of Scar

While this DVD is called The Rise Of Scar, it is actually five episodes of the show. “The Rise of Scar” is one of those episodes and the longest. It’s a full hour episode compared to the twenty-two-minute episodes the series is used to. This episode brings in a new character Makini, which is Rafiki’s apprentice. Throughout the episode, you learn that Simba was not the only lion who could speak to the deceased lions. This apparently is a trait all of his family has. Mandrills also have this ability; a mandrill is what Rafiki is. Kion also possesses the ability to roar with the voices of those lions too.

The Lion Guard - SCAR

Some hyenas, along with a snake, trick Makini into finding out that not only good lions can be talked too, but bad ones too. So they hatch a plan to talk to Scar. Throughout the episode, Kion and his friends fall for the plan. The episode definitely ends on a cliffhanger and it is not fulfilled by the other episodes on the DVD. So I will assume they have bigger plans for Scar either later in the season or at another time. The other episodes seem to be just regular episodes for the show. Only one other episode has anything to do with Scar. In “Lions of the Outlands”, we see Scar’s wife and son, along with his other followers from the original movie.

The-rise-of-scar_Kiara and Makini

Worth the Buy?

If you have young kids and want to give them something good to watch that isn’t Minions for the thousandth time, then I say yes. Be prepared for confidence, less than catchy songs, and some characters that will grow on you. This show is an example of good kid’s television, not too sugar induced and not too hand-holdy. There are Easter eggs for those who love the original and it’s something an adult, or 30-year-old uncle, won’t kill themselves over. Also, there are a few surprises with the voiceover actors. Rob Lowe as Simba, Gabrielle Union as Nala, and Andy Dick as a lion of the outlands.

I say 4/5 for a modern kid’s show. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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