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Disney’s “The Rocketeer” Sequel in the Works

written by Jason Marcano July 29, 2016

Disney is in the early developmental stages of a planned sequel/reboot to 1991’s “The Rocketeer” allegedly titled “The Rocketeers.” According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter the film is being written by Max Winkler and Matt Spicer. Winkler has worked on series such as “The New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Matt Spicer is Winkler’s long time writing partner.

The report names Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers and Ryan Kalil of the Carolina Panthers as partners in a venture called “Mortal Media” as the ones who approached Disney with the idea for the sequel/reboot. Specifically they spoke to Brigham Taylor, producer of Disney’s recent live action adaptation of The Jungle Book.

rocketeer salute

The article claims that “The Rocketeers” will take place some six years after the events of the original movie. It will star an as of yet unnamed black female lead who takes the mantle of the Rocketeer after the original, Cliff Secord, has vanished fighting the Nazis. The new Rocketeers mission will be to stop a corrupt rocket scientist who wants to steal the jet-pack technology. Tech he hopes will be a turning point for the Cold War.

A sequel to a 25 year-old movie is hard to make as most of the films original fan-base has grown up and most likely moved on. This fresh take on “The Rocketeer” will definitely make it stand out and be noticed however. With the streak Disney has been on with its live action movies lately it’s difficult to see it failing. It’s too early to be certain either way though, and we’ll just have to wait for more of the cast and crew to be announced before we can get too excited.

So geeks, are you fans of 1991’s “The Rocketeer?” What do you guys think of this news of a sequel/reboot coming soon? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you’re ready to blast-off with “The Rocketeers.”

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