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Could This be DJI’s New Drone?

written by Dominic Gomez January 22, 2018
Possible leaked info for DJI Mavic Air

DJI has released a little trailer for something new. Something they will unveil January 23 at 10 AM EST. Just from the trailer, we can’t be absolutely sure what it is. Although, there is a very good possibility DJI is going to officially announce the Mavic Air. It looks like the good folks over at DroneDJ have even gotten some leaks as far as specs go.

Possible DJI Mavic Air Specs

  • 32-megapixel panorama mode
  • 4k Video @ 60fps
  • 3-way gimbal (only a 2-way on the Spark)
  • Foldable legs like the Mavic Pro
  • 21 minute flight time (WOAH!)
  • Gesture control

There are some pretty big things to take away from the current spec list. The first thing that pops out to me is the 4k camera paired with a 3-way gimbal. The Spark takes some pretty good (not great) video with a 1080p camera paired with a 2-way gimbal so this should help things. I’ve heard really good things about the Mavic Pro camera, this should be comparable.

If they can actually squeeze a flight time of 21 minutes out of this thing that would be awesome! The battery has to be fairly small since it looks like the drone itself is pretty small. On average I’m getting about 10 minutes out of my Spark. If I could stay in the air an extra 10 minutes or so that would be awesome! Could you imagine a 21 minute flight time and a 5-mile range?

One thing that you’ll see in the video below, but isn’t on the spec list is any reference to waterproofing. In the video, you’ll see what seems like a constant reference to water. Could the new drone have a decent IP rating?

What intrigues you the most about this possible announcement? If the price isn’t too high would you consider buying it? Or would you maybe save a little money and pick up a Spark? Let us know in the comments!

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