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The Doctor has Big Plans this fall!

written by Sara Planz July 10, 2015


“I’m the Doctor and I save people.”  The great line heard in the new trailer for the September premiere of Series 9 of Doctor Who.  The sneak peek includes some scary new monsters, the Doctor rocking out on a guitar, as well as the greatly anticipated return of Missy, played by the brilliant Michelle Gomez.  And who is that at the end of the clip?  It’s Maisie Williams, GoT’s Arya Stark, and she appears to be someone very familiar to the Doctor.  Cannot wait to see what her role turns out to be!  The Doctor returns On September 19, 2015. See more after the break.


Also announced this week was the arrival of the Doctor into Lego: Dimensions, their soon to arrive mash-up game (this clips features the Doctor fighting Daleks with Batman AND Gandalf).  All of the Doctors are playable in this game, but only the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, actually recorded new dialogue for this much buzzed about game.  The creators have utilized previously recorded dialogue from the other actor’s portrayals in the shows. The game launches September 27, 2015. And of course, don’t forget that later this year, the fan demanded Doctor Who Lego set will finally be released for purchase.  It’s going to be a big fall season for the Doctor and his fans.


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