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Doctor Strange Post-Credit Scenes Leaked!

written by Robin Anderson October 17, 2016
Leaked Doctor Strange poster that looks like art

Leaked Doctor Strange poster that looks like art

You read that title right! There is not just one leaked post-credit scene – but TWO. So be sure to hold onto your seats and your popcorn crumbs until after the second one finishes. On another note, this article is not spoiler free and will talk about what the post credit scenes will be and what they can lead to. Now, if you would love to watch the movie with a innocent child-like wonder due to a lack of spoilers, then feel free to watch this collection of Doctor Strange trailers below and then move along with your day.

However, if you like to live life on the edge and know everything before the movie so you have time to come up with mind blowing theories to annoy your friends with, then please: Speak Friend and Enter.

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Mid-Credit Scene:

IRON MAN DIES! Just kidding. The very first credit scene shows the Thunder God, Thor, speaking to our latest fascination – Doctor Strange. By the end of the movie, we know that Stephen Strange has taken it upon himself to protect earth from all threats; including Asgardians. This leads him to invite Thor to his Sanctum Sanctorum to discuss what to do about Loki and the damage he has caused. Thor then persuades Strange into helping him use Loki to find his father, Odin, but at a steep cost. After Odin is found, all Asgardians must go back to Asgard, and the link between Earth and Asgard must never be used again. I am not sure that is a long-distance relationship that even the wonderful Jane Foster could handle.

End-Credit Scene:

Picture of Baron Mordo from the comics and the actor

Lastly, it appears as if Baron Mordo will be fulfilling his super-villain role after all! The credits scene shows Mordo stealing a fellow sorcerers power, played by none other than Benjamin Bratt. While he is descending into villainy, Mordo dickishly tells Bratt that, “There are too many sorcerers”. This obviously shows that there will be a sequel and that he will be the next obstacle for Strange to overcome. One has to wonder what drove Baron Mordo from, “It’s the Wi-Fi password… we’re not savages” to becoming a savage himself and stealing powers. Perhaps it was jealousy of the fact that Strange is now the Sorcerer Supreme? Either way, we are sure to find out in November!


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