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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 to Premier on Big Screen

written by Katelyn Fiorentino October 27, 2017
Doctor Who Christmas Special Peter Capaldi William Hartnell David Bradley

Hey, America! There’s good news regarding one of your favorite sci-fi shows, Doctor Who. For only one night, the 2017 Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time”, will be premiering in select theaters on December 27, 2017. Peter Capaldi and David Bradley will be taking over America’s cinemas!

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi Bill Potts Pear Mackie

Earlier this October, BBCA announced on Twitter that this year’s Christmas Special will be played in theaters nationwide. Fans of Doctor Who already got a big surprise from the announcement of a special guest, the 1st Doctor. So, geeks around the U.S are rejoicing altogether. You can get tickets for this one night premier at Fathom Events.

This Christmas Special is not only going to include David Bradley, but also a BBC favorite, Mark Gatiss. Mark will be portraying a World War I soldier. Also, Pearl Mackie will be returning as companion Bill Potts, as you can see here in the released trailer.

The trailer hints at Capaldi’s regeneration, giving you a sneak peak. It introduces David Bradley filling the shoes of the great William Hartnell. As the 12th Doctor says his goodbyes, the welcoming of the one who started it all is heart-warming. The TARDIS, explosions, and all things Timey-Wimey fill the 12th Doctor’s last adventure!

The Twelfth Doctor comes face to face with his past in his final adventure. Twice Upon A Time coming Christmas 2017.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 Peter Capaldi David Bradley Mark Gatiss William Hartnell

This isn’t the first time Doctor Who has been in theaters. Just this year, the Season 10 Premiere was shown around the U.S. Also, the first episode of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, was in theaters along with it. So, fans across the nation are getting their year’s worth of all things The Doctor.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will be on the big screen, so get excited. As we bid farewell to a face we know and love, and hello to a new era of Wibbly-Wobbly experiences.  Mark Gatiss talked about the upcoming special as,

“a Christmas episode without being overtly Christmassy – it’s very happy-sad”.

So, will any of you geeks grab some popcorn – or left over Holiday candy – and enjoy this in theaters? Let us know in the comments!

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