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Doctor Who’s “Class”: Blood, Dragons and PTSD

written by Robin Anderson October 29, 2016
Blood from Episode 2 of Class

Do not even try to find fake blood for Halloween this year, because BBC has it all, and they are using all of it in Class. As said before, this show is most definitely not for kids. You thought the weeping angels were scary? Just wait until you see this guys girlfriend splatter her blood all over him in the first episode.

As a quick note: spoilers will be found below, and for those of you who wish to proceed, please be warned that some of these images could be considered graphic in some groups. If you have any kind of condition that will invoke a negative reaction at the sight of blood, then please ask someone else to preview this article first.


Class Episode 1: For Tonight We Might Die

Rachel dying in Episode 1 of Class

The very first episode did a wonderful job of introducing all of the characters, but still leaving mystery to be discovered and plenty of room for character development. As far as first episodes go, it was a much better launch than plastic mannequins.


You are first introduced to the teacher, Ms. Quill and one of the students, Charlie. It is later discovered that they are refugee aliens whose planet was eliminated by the Shadow Kin. For certain reasons, their fates are intertwined and Ms. Quill must protect the boy in order to keep her own life. They were rescued from the planet by the Doctor, and brought to Coal Hill Academy, where the Shadow Kin followed them. They target certain students, which end up bringing them all together at prom with the goal of protecting the students from the minor invasion.

During the invasion, Ram (who is discovered to¬†really love blood being splattered on him) is walking through the halls with his girlfriend when a Shadow Kin stabs her. Nothing says ‘baggage’ like “my girlfriend exploded all over me at prom”. Out of rage, he proceeds to fight the Shadow Kin and as a consequence, looses his leg (shown in an image below).

The Doctor arrives just in time to save them and drives back the Shadow Kin. He informs them that space and time are weak at Coal Hill and that they need to be able to protect it from future attacks. The Doctor generously replaces Ram’s leg with a futuristic looking prosthetic before climbing back in the TARDIS and vanishing.

Class Episode 2: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

Guy with a dragon butt from episode 2 of Class


Ram used to be the soccer star, but since he lost his leg and his girlfriend in one night, he has kinda lost his touch. The character is obviously experiencing PTSD from the traumatic event, and is seen reliving flashbacks several times throughout the episode.

Since he is crapping out of the soccer aspect of his life, the coach scolds him and moves him to the second team while threatening to kick him off completely. After practice, Ram walks into the locker room in an attempt to talk with the head coach. Instead, he finds the rotting and exposed flesh of the assistant coach on the floor in front of him.

Gorey scene from epsiode 2 of Class

At first Ram thinks he is seeing things, until he later joins a cleaning lady for a smoke behind the dumpsters and she is quickly eaten by a giant dragon. The team then joins up and goes to inform the principal of this dragon, only to witness him being bloodily dragged off as well. Finally, they discover that the coach is behind these attacks. One dragon came through the rift and got stuck on his body, and the second dragon is the first ones mate. He came through and is murdering people in order to feed his love who is stuck. Ram convinces the dragon just to take the coach back through the space rift instead of murdering people and the day is saved – after three people were brutally murdered.

Overall Review:

This show certainly has a lot of potential and so far is just as good as the main show, Doctor Who, even if it has a different feel to it. The only thing I am concerned about is how often they love to torture Fady Elsayed, the actor who plays Ram.

Screen shots of Ram bleeding in Class

Honestly, don’t you just feel for this guy? None of the other characters are constantly splattered with blood as of yet. Hang in there Ram, you have a lot of character development ahead of you in the future.

The next episode airs October 29th – don’t miss it!

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